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cnc operator - who is this?

Who is the CNC Operator

The CNC operator is a person responsible for handling specialized machines and devices for processing plastics, wood, and metals. A person employed in this capacity should have the necessary qualifications and knowledge allowing to operate not only traditional machines but also complicated, electronic robots that are electronically controlled. The CNC operator independently selects the right materials as well as the tools used to process them - cutters, lasers, routers, and others. The operator monitors the correct functioning of the devices, performs periodic technical inspections of these devices, and performs ad hoc maintenance work. The person in this position regulates and programs equipment for working metals, wood and plastics, as well as develops procedures and standards for their use. It also cares about the cleanliness of the workplace and the security within it. He is a specialist realizing the overall processes related to the mechanical treatment of metals, woods, and plastics.

Source: CBIA

Among the most common qualification requirements that people interested in working as a CNC operator can expect is the question of their education - potential employers prefer people with higher education acquired at a university of a technical nature. However, it is important to have many years of experience in operating CNC machines, their adjustment, and servicing. The personal characteristics of the employee are also important, allowing him to work effectively in the team. The CNC operator must have in-depth knowledge of the CNC devices and machines used in the plant or company, the ability to operate, adjust and service them. He must know how the CNC machine controllers work, including the laser controller and other tools controllers.

The person at this position must also be familiar with computer skills at the advanced level. He must know the software settings e.g. for laser attachment for CNC router.

The CNC operator's place of work is, of course, the production space of the plant or company, his daily duties include the ongoing operation of CNC machines and equipment and the supervision of their proper functioning.

The CNC operator's work operates primarily in the companies processing of metals, woods, and plastics. The salaries in this position (USA) are in the range of 15-19 USD per hour (27-50k USD/yr).

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