The most made mistakes when using a CNC machine

cnc laser mistakes

What not to do when working with a CNC machine

  1. Your machine has no safety precautions. Your machine comes from Asia and has no security standard for your country? The Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC was not considered? Are there no CE marking and safety data sheets? Or you have built a machine full of energy without thinking about your own safety for a second?
  2. You have manipulated the safety features of the machine! No matter how many reasons you have. Bridging emergency stop switches and reprogramming security features is definitely the first step towards the hospital. And the bad thing is: You endanger not only you but other operators and the subsequent owner of your machine.
  3. You have long hair and do not wear a hairnet.
  4. You wear loose clothing, gloves or a tie when working. Loose clothing, hanging cords, ties, and gloves can get caught in the tool when working with rotating machines and pull you in. And that ends badly. So pay attention to appropriate clothing.
  5. Necklaces, bracelets and similar jewelry can also be caught by the machine. Take these things better off.
  6. Your machine has no emergency stop switch. With the emergency stop switch, you can always stop the machine (drives and spindle). Several emergency stop switches on different controllers increase your safety.
  7. You think safety goggles are uncool and they just bother you. But they can save your sight in an emergency situation. If you're working with a CNC laser head, check that your googles stop the right wavelength of light.
  8. Working on technical equipment under voltage you should really only leave to people who know something about it and are trained in dealing with it. Alternatively, you can, of course, go to appropriate schooling.
Source: Audiopedia

  1. Your machine has no housing and you have no noise protection. A machine housing prevents huge amounts of chips from spreading out of the machine. In addition, you can protect yourself from the noise better and you will be not struck by flying chips, cutters or workpieces.
  2. Fine wood and aluminum dust are very harmful to the lungs. For wood dust, you should at least work with mouth protection. If you have a lot of dust on your machine, the fine mixture can ignite during operation due to flying sparks or electrical charge. That is why you should use professional extractors.
  3. You work without a suitable clamping tool and without holding webs. As soon as the workpiece is milled free it will fly around the room. As long as you have a housing that protects you, that is fine, but inform yourself about suitable clamping methods.
  4. You do not like safety shoes because they are heavy and start to stink with time. But safety shoes prevent your feet from falling down due to falling objects, flying cutting discs etc.
  5. You ignore the signal lights of your machine. Signal lights indicate if the machine is working or not. Make yourself handy in the manual what the signal lights mean.
  6. The working environment of your machine is unsecured. The floor around the machine is oily and slippery. There are some pitfalls, the lamplight blinds you and you have no idea where the next fire extinguisher is.
  7. You really should only do some fixing/repairing work or something like that on your machine when it is turned off!
  8. You are tired and unfocused at work.
  9. Make sure your CO2 laser is definitely turned off. An infrared laser beam is invisible to humans.

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