CNC Programmer

cnc programmer

Who is the CNC Programmer?

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is the computer control of numerical devices by technology that allows programming of specialized work machines performing specialized, precise work with 100% repeatability. A CNC programmer is a specialist in the field of programming of these devices within the specifics of a given industry, has the knowledge and experience necessary to develop a given product project and then transpose it into a control plan adapted for a given machine or device driver (e.g. laser driver). These devices are mainly lathes, milling machines, punching machines, laser cutters, plotters etc.

The first and most important requirement usually imposed on persons applying for the position of a CNC programmer is the necessity of having a diploma paper of a higher technical university in the field of robotics and automation or other similar. Potential employers also pay special attention to the previous professional experience of the candidates, acquired at work on a similar job level - usually at least 3 years of experience is expected. Employees in this position are expected to be highly self-reliant and able to organize their work.

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The work of a CNC programmer involves a lot of responsibility and requires constant focus. The commands entered by the employee result in the correct implementation of large, productive series or semi-finished product in the given workplace.

Possibilities of employment in this position are created by numerous companies and manufacturing enterprises belonging to various industry and market sectors. In the labor market, there are often offers from abroad - in this case, foreign language skills will also be required and helpful.

Earnings of CNC programmers (USA) start from 40k USD/yr and reach 70k USD/yr. Abroad these amounts may be significantly higher.

cnc programmer


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