How to earn money with CNC machines

money and cnc laser machines

Not only for amateurs

Some people buy CNC machines as a hobby for their garage and use them for amateur works. Others use them for model making. After a while when they can use the machine properly, program and operate it well, they come to the conclusion to make some money with it. In such a way the can create their own small business. And the possibilities are numerous.

Perfect for services

With a CNC laser you can engrave, cut and do some laser marking and with a little imagination, it allows you to create a lot of other different products. Starting from cutting patterns in paper or cardboard, through cutting, engraving and bending Plexiglas (PMMA), and ending with complex gadgets cuts from many materials, then folded and marked. We can also create stamps, engrave on glass or in stone or, for example, cut panels for devices in engraving laminates. We can also mark metal elements, apply logos to parts of machines or devices or create prints on plastic elements. The range of possibilities is really wide, so familiarize yourself with the full capabilities of the laser. Most often you will do projects provided by your customers, but you can also advise them how to do the project or prepare everything from scratch based on the descriptions or wishes of customers. You only need the best laser engraver to ensure high-quality service.

3D printer

For some time now, we can observe the confusion caused by the appearance of a 3D printer on the market. Devices that were created decades ago are now gaining popularity, entering the market more and more boldly. How can we use them and whether we can earn enough on them to constitute an independent business profile?

The 3D printer industry is quite fresh, which is why relatively few companies still operate in this activity. Small competition is the best way to invest in the industry and earn decent money on it. However, in order to try and start earning money on products made by three-dimensional printers, it is first and foremost good to know them and count what profits we can ultimately get. Looking at the final products of 3D printers, it is easy to see that they are most commonly used in industry and medicine. These are dominant fields dealing with the use of 3D printers, but more and more often the device itself is also used in the field of production. Of course, the biggest impact on the final form of activity is the production profile, and thus, checking whether the three-dimensional printer meets our expectations and will be efficient and accurate in producing the items we design. The final option is the activity that executes custom-made items, but in this case, you cannot count on a great income.

3d printer - a good source of income?

Is this a good source of income?

Speaking of earnings and about way of life, I mean a form of earning that will allow you to maintain financial stability, ensure the durability of work and a steady flow of cash for ourselves and the employees. Speaking about 3D printers, it is difficult to talk about such activities. Why? There are several reasons for this. Above all, three-dimensional printers still have a fairly limited field of use. Speaking of earning money when repairing or assembling such equipment, one should also check how much our services are needed because at the moment there are quite a few companies working on these printers. The equipment is, of course, modern and works well in the previously mentioned areas, but rarely anyone decides to operate only with three-dimensional printers. Certainly, this is not a way to make quick and easy earnings. Most companies combine 3D print with CNC Laser engraving or cutting. They use a 3D printer laser engraver based on a blue laser diode.

These technologies attract the attention of those who want to make money through it. It is possible, however, requires quite a lot of discipline and commitment. Although, it's hard to talk about big money, especially with 3D print. Of course, there are several companies that are based on the three-dimensional printer industry and you can be inspired but wanting to find a stable form of earning it is worth combining the field of 3D printers with another, even IT or service, which will give you financial stability and job satisfaction.

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